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Children’s Stories From the Pacific Northwest

Bramble Berry Tales offers a rich world of stories and experiences drawn from the oral history of Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest.


A New Kind of Journey That Offers Adventure and Education


Bramble Berry Tales introduce children everywhere to a story world that will encourage self expression, curiosity, openness and mindfulness.

Our World

Our stories engage children with the world around them through the imaginations of Lilly and Thomas as they learn and encounter the traditional stories of Indigenous people.

Language Education

Bramble Berry Tales is available in Indigenous languages as well as English, French, and Spanish. Children can gain early literacy in multiple languages through our books. 


Our stories are apps first, filled with interactivity, sound and animation to engage children and give them hours of enjoyment. 

Coming soon to your local app store!


Meet the Characters

At its heart Bramble Berry Tales is the story of children connecting to their history, identity, and the world around them through the stories of their ancestors.


precocious, brave and clever


strong, wise, and caring


loyal, empathetic, and cautious


loving, resolute, and spiritual

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From the Makers

The World of Bramble Berry Tales

We're excited to share with you our final update for the year! Every summer, Lily and Thomas visit their Kookum and Mooshum at their home in the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Visit our newly added "The World of Bramble Berry Tales" page to explore the world and find...


There have always been legends, eye witness accounts, and unfounded stories, surrounding the mysterious Sasquatch. Find out more about this big-footed legend on our new Sasquatch page.

The Little People

The Little People are a small mischievous people, who live in underground homes. They might play pranks on you, or they might even in help you in times of need. Next time you're in the woods, you just might encounter the Little People! Find out more about them here,...

what people think

Educators and Parents Across North America Trust Bramble Berry Tales

“….a high-quality storybook that allows you to learn about a thousand-year-old tale and the Squamish language.

“…overall quality of every aspect of this app – from the illustrations to the music and narration – is wonderfully realized…


“….a vibrant storybook experience that reinforces valuable life lessons. Parents and children are transported to a world filled with beautiful visuals and memorable characters.

My three-year-old grandson loves this story. A nine-year-old friend is equally engaged. It is beautiful visually and intelligently presented. My only complaint is that I want more.

Jill Rose via Amazon

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